Who is Rocktech Media?

Online Consulting Services

Located in Cedar Rapids, IA.

We take pride and ownership in helping other companies like ours reach their online marketing goals!

Tell us about your goals and we will work along side you to make them a reality. We design, develop and implement a vast array of solutions that help your business!

Web Design

Web Applications


Digital Signage

Facebook Marketing

Google Adwords

Social Media Management

iOS & Android Apps

Search Engine Optimization

Superior Web Hosting

Our Bread & Butter

Website Design & Development

We develop websites with our client in mind. The underlying technologies and software enable you to manage every aspect of the site yourself.

Once you have a high converting website, we can develop a plan to get you out in front of your potential clients!

Our Process

Although every client & project is different, we try to stick to our tried-and-true process that has proven to drive results for our clients. 

big or small...

Let's talk about
your needs!

to crush your goals

We will propose
a solution..

Time to get dirty

Design, develop
and revise..

Measure & Adjust

Go live &
gain exposure!

Why Our Clients Stick With Us

Experienced in driving results

Everything is done 'In-House'

Full service from beginning to end

We have resources to satisfy all needs

No run around for timely support

Questions? Comments? Need a Quote?

Get In Touch With Us

Consultations are always free so let us know how we can help. We would love to help you or at least point you in the right direction!